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Founded in early 2005, (New Home Construction Search, Inc.) is the leading website and search engine used by real estate agents and developers to market new construction in Florida. The website has 13,547 registered users and has generated 39,435 leads for builders since its first full year in operation in 2006. provides an organized method to quickly search for suitable new construction and rental conversion projects across the state. Although basic access to the system is free for active Florida real estate licensees, the company derives income from premium services for both agents and developers. The service provides developers with a highly targeted and trackable source of high-quality leads.

The two co-founders began collaborating on real estate technology projects in 2003. They are committed to serving the brokerage community and believe that informed agency should be an integral part of every residential transaction.

The company's offices are ideally situated in Boca Raton, Florida, close to sizable Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Naples markets and with easy access to Central and North Florida.

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I just signed on and it looks like a real winner.
Martin Unger, The Realty Connection, Boca Raton

This is an awesome web-site. Thank you.
Beatrice Miranda, Keller Williams Realty - Partners SW

Many of my 200 agents are all over Florida with new construction, and I believe your service to be great for them.
Bonnie Lazar of Keller Williams, RAPB Realtor of the Year 2005